Japanese Dance - Geisha

japan dances - geisha show

We perform in original Japanese kimonos weared by a beautiful geisha. Stylized Japanese dances and traditional folk forms. Captivating Japanese music and spectacular costumes, as well as a charming dancers - geishas, will bring the atmosphere of Japan.

The dance repertoire will introduce dance with bamboo umbrellas, dance with fans of various types, as well as other interesting props.

Show is danced by 1 or 2 dancers. Dance block length is from 5 to 20 minutes as needed. Dance can Divide into several inputs that are differentiated dancer costume.

VIDEO - Japanese dances at Manes Gallery in Prague
VIDEO - Fuyo no sakura - japonese dance with bamboo umbrellas
In collaboration with the dance group Trn v oku dance can develop even several geishas

Dancer and Samurai - Dance performance associated with exhibicíc Japanese martial art and combat samurai.
VIDEO - Geisha and Samurai

DANCE on live music

Dance with live music - player shamisen - japonksý stringed instrument played by a Japanese artist.