Tahitian dance show

tahitian dance polynesia showTahitian dance in "aparima" style

Polynesian dance show - dance from Tahiti. Tahitian dance style aparima is soft, tender and sexy at the same time. It lives up any event, partie and reception.

Costumes of the dancers are design styles, or you can also customize according to the client's corporate colors for a presentation or a graduation of new products.

Dancing 1 to 3 dancers, dance block length from 3 to10 minutes or according to the agreement.
If necessary, the program can be expanded by dance group Trn v oku dancers which is 1 to 10 dancers. 

VIDEO - Aparima - Pacific Island Night 2012, Berlin, Germany
VIDEO - tahitian dance, Tourfilm 2012 by ArtDance
VIDEO - TE PUA NOA NOA - aparima, Tourfilm 2012