Beauty from Indian ocean

Creole tropical dance show in San Francisco

Taste of Mauritius is Sega (Saygah) 

Sega, one might say, is now a symbol of the island of Mauritius. It is a dance that originated from the ritual music of Madagascar and Africa. It is also a term for musical lifestyle Mauritius: Joy, carelessness and life. 

Sega is danced in very colorful costumes - girls and women have a wide skirt with a sexy blouse. the Dance is danced by men and women. Sega movements are very typical, based on the movements of the hips - and rolling waves, which then passes through the body and gradually becomes faster and faster. Movements of the dancers are therefore so sensual. 
Sega lyrics are in Creole or French. 

Sega is danced everywhere and still is a part of life of the islanders. 

Lneght of the show presented by Ajna is about 5 minutes.