Indian dances of Rajasthan

 Indian dances of Rajasthan - North India sapera kalbeliya
Dance presented consisting of authentic dance performace, we rehearsed in the cradle of northern culture  in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In our repertoire you will find folk and ethnic dances.

Rajasthani dances are characterized by their lyrics and also the dynamics. Blend in wearing several cultural influences and thus can charm everybody.

In our presentation we dance original dances like Ghoomar - dance of the royal palaces, or Chimri / Chari - dance with balancing metal containers on the head, but also dance with cymbals - manjeeras. In our repertoire, there are also famous Indian dances Sapera Kalbeliya tribe, which are snakes charmers. This kind of Indian dance is full of dynamism and joy and definitely pulls you into a genuine atmosphere of India.

Length of the performances is 3 -15 minutes. Dance are dancing 1 - 2 

We own original costumes, including accessories.